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      Company culture

      The operating philosophy : "team, enterprising, efficient sharing"

      The quality of company policy : "Quality First, Customer First, diligence and frugality, sustainable development"

      Company quality policy  : Quality is the honor of all employees, providing customers fully satisfied with the quality of products and

                                                  services through a comprehensive activity"

      Company quality objectives : 1 Jiaoyan finished a passing rate of ≥98%;

                                                         2. Customer Satisfaction ≥95 minutes

      Occupational health and safety policy : "legitimate business, production safety, reduce environmental pollution and occupational

                                                                            health hazards, and establish a good social image, to achieve sustainable development."

      The company's environmental policy : "compliance with the relevant environmental regulations, commitment to treat waste pollution,

                                                                          the implementation of energy conservation, recycling, green create a harmonious environment

                                                                          of continuous improvement."

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